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Physician Receives Board of Medicine Complaint After Death of a Patient From Complications


Primary Issue:
Accused by Board of Medicine of breaching the standard of care resulting in the death of a patient from anesthesia complications during surgery.

Benefit of Using Chapman Law Group:
We were retained to assist the physician with defending the Board of Medicine complaint. We reviewed all relevant medical records, met with the physician, and researched a variety of specific issues regarding the standard of care. We retained two experts and worked with them to prepare opinions that the physician did not breach the standard of care in this very difficult patient. The attorney drafted a response and a letter of explanation of what actually happened and why the outcome was less than desirable. We supported our conclusion with facts, medical literature, and two expert opinions.

Recommended Settlement Agreement: the client agreed to complete additional CMEs and in return the Board of Medicine agreed to issue a Letter of Concern and a fine.

Area of Law:
Medical License Defense
Administrative Complaints
Standard of Care

Ronald Chapman

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