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Assisted Practice Group With Response To Audit and Conducted Internal Audit to Identify Other Areas of Non-compliance


Physician, Small-Medium Size Medical Practice (Florida)

Primary Issue:

Violation of local coverage determinations regarding a specific procedure called MOHS procedure

Benefit of Using Chapman Law Group:

Chapman Law Group (CLG) was able to assist corporate counsel (client brought CLG in as advisory counsel to work with corporate counsel) in determining the exact nature of the alleged violations, the potential fixes to said violations, and how to address the appeal by creating an “addendum attestification” supporting the necessity of the procedure and the problems with using electronic medical records (EMR) in documenting the necessity for a procedure and the procedure itself. CLG was also able to identify a problem with using a pathologist working as a sub-contractor without having a proper Personal Service Agreement and assist in clarifying how a bona fide employee is determined by the IRS regulations.


Corporate counsel was able to properly review the requested records, offer coherent and logical explanations supported by the record, restructure the EMR system, restructure the operation as to the use of employees or implement proper personal service agreements, and achieve a better result for the client.

Area of law:

Health care compliance



Ronald W. Chapman, Sr.

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