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Physician Receives Board of Medicine Complaint for Employee Sexual Harassment Claim


Primary Issue:
During a professional practice break-up, one employee, who sided with the other cardiologist, made accusation of sexual harassment against our client, resulting in a Board of Medicine investigation.

Benefit of Using Chapman Law Group:
Our attorney assisted the physician with the Board of Medicine investigation for alleged sexual harassment and defending his good name and reputation. We reviewed all of the business litigation pleadings, statements, and depositions. We also reviewed the office policies and procedures. Following the review we were able to demonstrate the allegation was conflicting in many ways with the actual facts and likely false. We prepared a detailed response for the Board of Medicine, demonstrating that the alleged sexual harassment complaint was motivated by ill will to achieve a business advantage and that the physician was extremely professional and never sexually or otherwise harassed anyone. Using the actual facts and prior statements, we were able to clearly show the intent behind the allegation as well as its inaccuracies.

Probable Cause Panel found “no probable cause” and the investigations was dropped. No formal action was taken by the Board of Medicine against the physician.

Area of Law:
Professional Licensing
Medical License Defense
Department of Health Investigation 

Ronald Chapman

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