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Chiropractor Referred to HPRP after Self-Reporting DUI, Returns to Practice without HPRP Monitoring Agreement


Primary Issue:
A Michigan chiropractor received a DUI in 2013, which he self-reported to the state within 30-days pursuant to the public health code. The state of Michigan referred the chiropractor to the Health Professionals Recovery Program (HPRP) for evaluation. The chiropractor was evaluated by an HPRP professional who incorrectly applied the DSM-5 criteria for substance abuse resulted in a proposed referral to intensive outpatient and a monitoring agreement with HPRP. The chiropractor retained our attorney, Rob Welch, to assist with appealing the HPRP evaluation and the HPRP decision.

After consultation with our attorney regarding the criteria, methodologies, and methods that HPRP evaluators follow, we helped the chiropractor obtain a second opinion from a private evaluator. The second evaluation was successful resulting in no diagnosis meaning no need for a HPRP monitoring agreement. The chiropractor was permitted to return to work without restriction, without HPRP monitoring, and without a blemish on his license.

Area of Law:
Chiropractor License Defense
DUI Defense
Substance Abuse

Robert A. Welch, Jr.

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