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Physician Raided by DEA and Police for Drug Diversion and Drug Trafficking Returns to Practice

Internal Medicine Physician

Primary Issue:
DEA and State police raided the physician’s office accusing him of drug diversion and drug trafficking. The state Board of Medicine filed an emergency suspension and complaint. The physician was a solo practitioner who treated mostly indigent patients.

Benefit of Using Chapman Law Group:
We were retained to assist the physician with the Board of Medicine complaint. We reviewed all of the seized patient files, ran MAP checks on all patients, statistically analyzed the medications being prescribed, the pain management contracts, the taped and written statements of the informants, as well as the standard of practice for internal medicine under the same or similar circumstances. We reviewed several similar Board decisions. The physician agreed to attend CPEP and have his skills assessed and he passed. We retained an expert to assist with standard of care issues. We made the argument that the physician did not intentionally distribute narcotics without a legitimate medical need. We argued alternatively that the physician’s practice model needed improvement and that with monitoring he should be allowed to continue practicing medicine.

Board of Medicine agreed to a settlement that lifted the suspension and allowed his return to practice. The following limitations were placed on his medical license for two year: 1) prohibited from working as a solo practitioner, 2) practice monitor, 3) certain conditions when prescribing controlled substances.

Area of Law:
Criminal Defense
Unlawful Prescribing and Dispensing 
Medical License Defense
Summary Suspension Orders

Ronald Chapman

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