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Physician Arrested For Larceny Has Charges Dismissed

Physician (M.D.)

Primary Issue:
A prominent Michigan Physician was arrested for larceny of a business. Obviously fearing termination, a board complaint, and professional embarrassment it was imperative that we obtained dismissal of all charges. The effect of a larceny conviction on such a prominent physician would surely have resulted in loss of staff privileges at local hospitals, licensing discipline, and it would have halted the physician’s promising career.

At the outset we believed that the charges were false but we needed to prevent a public trial to protect the physician’s reputation. We aggressively sought to obtain discovery in the case including a videotape of the alleged theft. When we found that the videotape was not available, we negotiated with the prosecutor behind closed doors to obtain dismissal of all charges. We were successful and the prosecutor agreed to dismiss all larceny charges resulting in no professional harm to the physician.

Area of Law:
Criminal Defense of Physicians

Ronald Chapman, II
Nathan Pitluk

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