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RN Accused of Drug Diversion has Investigation Dismissed

Registered Nurse

Primary Issue:
The nurse was terminated from employment after being suspected of drug diversion. Her termination for drug diversion was reported to the state and the nurse received a letter of investigation.

Benefit of Using Chapman Law Group:
The nurse retained our attorneys to defend her during the investigation and any subsequent administrative proceedings resulting from the allegations of drug diversion. We immediately obtained the relevant medicine/medical administration records (MAR) and treatment records for the patients in question. Using our experience and in-depth knowledge of medical records, we were able to audit the relevant records in order to link the administration of medication and wasting procedures in order to show that the narcotics in question were administered or wasted. During the investigation we were able to prove to the investigator that the allegations of drug diversion were false. The board promptly dropped the investigation and no disciplinary action was taken against the nurse as a result of showing the Board the drug diversion allegations were false.

We received a letter within a few weeks indicating that the investigation was dropped by the Board of Nursing.

Area of Law:
Professional Licensing
LARA Investigation
Nursing License Defense
Drug Diversion Allegations

Ronald Chapman, II

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