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RN Investigated by Nursing Board After Reporting Criminal Conviction – Case Dismissed

Registered Nurse

Primary Issue:
RN was attending graduate school and was accused by roommate (RN) of improperly videotaping her. RN was expelled from nursing school and a criminal complaint for video voyeurism was filed. Following a no contest plea the Board of Nursing conducted an investigation.

Benefit of Using Chapman Law Group:
The nurse retained our attorneys to assist in reporting the criminal conviction to the Board of  Nursing and in defending her during the Board’s investigation. We dug deep into the relationship between the RN and the complaining witness and into the conflicting stories told by the complainant. We reviewed prior statements and the criminal file. We drafted a response to the investigation that clearly showed the criminal charge and plea agreement was not warranted and that the matter was not related to the practice of nursing. We argued section 464.018 of the Nurse Practice Act does not cover every criminal action, only those actions “directly related” to the practice of nursing.

Board of Nursing Probable Cause Panel agreed and dismissed the action finding “no probable cause”.

Area of Law:
Professional Licensing
Nursing License Defense 
Criminal Actions and the Impact on Professional Licenses 
Department of Health Investigations 

Ronald Chapman

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