Donald Ray Jennings v Client

Area of Law:
Civil Rights 42 U.S.C. §1983

Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

Affirmed dismissal of case by lower court

The inmate brought his action against the doctor alleging that the doctor was deliberately indifferent to the inmate’s toenail fungus. Although the inmate claimed that his constitutional rights were violated when the doctor refused to properly treat his foot infection, the inmate failed to come forward with any evidence that the failure to treat the infection could have led to severe consequences, such as a systemic infection, amputation of a limb, or even death. Therefore, any delay in treating the inmate’s infection did not amount to the deprivation of treatment for a “serious” medical condition within the meaning of the Eighth Amendment. Moreover, there was no evidence suggesting that the doctor at any time deliberately ignored the inmate’s medical needs with the intent to inflict pain or prolong any suffering.

Ronald Chapman

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