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Physician Convicted of Felony Receives No Disciplinary Action By Board of Medicine


Primary Issue:
Client was a Physician who  retained our attorneys to help with medical licensing issues after receiving a felony conviction. The physician needed assistance reporting the felony conviction to the Medical Board in a way that would minimize her exposure to adverse administrative action on her medical license.

Benefit of Using Chapman Law Group:
Immediately after the physician contacted us we were able to research her felony conviction, and gather important mitigating character evidence. We drafted a report of felony conviction that assisted the medical board in understanding the isolated nature of the offense. After receiving the report of felony conviction, the medical board determined that no adverse action against the physician’s medical license was necessary.

The state medical board determined that no adverse action against the physicians medical license was necessary.

Area of Law:
Criminal Defense 
Criminal Actions Involving Health Professionals 
Medical License Defense

Ronald Chapman, II

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