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Estate of Matthew Luther v Several Correctional Physicians

Area of Law:
Medical Malpractice Defense 
Correctional Law

Ionia Circuit Court (2014)

Settled for very low 5 figure amount

The estate of a 29 year old inmate filed suit alleging that several correctional physicians failed to properly treat epilepsy causing the inmates death. The inmate suffered from panic attacks, night terrors, and occasionally would act as if he was having an absence seizure. During his youth there was one positive EEG for epileptic form activity. The correctional physicians changed his medication on complaints from the inmate removing Tegretol and Dilantin and replacing them with Neurontin 400 mg BID and referred him to the psychiatrist for treatment of the underlying psychiatric condition. The inmate obtained little relief and after a year of treatment was found unresponsive. The autopsy stated the cause of death to be cardiac arrest secondary to seizure activity. We retained several leading experts in cardiology, neurology and family practice. Plaintiffs demanded high six figure settlement. The case was finally settled with a confidential settlement in the very low 5 figures.

Ronald Chapman
Kimberley Koester

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