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False Claims & Medicare Fraud Cases

Several home health agencies: We currently represent several home health agencies alleged to have committed Medicare fraud for improper referrals, performing services outside the plan of care, not having proper authorizations, not having proper re-certifications, etc.

Behavioral services agencies: We represent a behavioral service agency alleged to have commit Medicare fraud for failure to use the proper CPT code resulting in allegations of fraudulent billing.

Compound pharmacies: We currently defend several individuals in multiple areas regarding compounding pharmacies. Generally, the allegation is that the pharmacy is “mining” patients through the use of a call center boiler room and the patients have no legitimate medical need for the compound, or the allegation is the compound serves no legitimate medical purpose and is no better than an over the counter medication or less expensive script.

Several physicians: We currently defend several physicians charged with receiving remuneration of referring patients and for approving plans of care that were not medically necessary.

Medical directors: We represent several medical directors alleged to have committed Medicare fraud for receiving a salary or other payment, as well as referring patients to the program they currently work as the medical director.

This information is a sample of our past results. Prospective clients may not obtain the same or similar results. Every case is different and each case must be evaluated and handled on its own merits. The circumstances of your case may differ from the results provided. The information provided has not been reviewed or approved by the Florida Bar.

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