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Michigan Home Healthcare Owner Avoids Federal Healthcare Fraud Indictment

Home healthcare owner

Primary Issue:
Our client owned a home health care agency that operated in Southeastern Michigan. He received a target letter from the Federal Government indicating that he was the target of a Federal Healthcare Fraud prosecution. He contacted Chapman Law Group for assistance and was understandably concerned and scared. We reviewed his case, interviewed witnesses, and determined that while our client owned the practice, he was not a participant in the bulk of the fraudulent conduct. Additionally, his co-workers concealed much of the fraud from him and he was not aware of the scope of their fraudulent conduct. Prior to the government obtaining an indictment against our client we thoroughly discussed the case with prosecutors and were able to obtain limited immunity for our client in exchange for his cooperation with the investigation.

Through successful negotiation and diligent representation, our client was able to avoid a federal healthcare fraud indictment.

Area of Law:
Health Care Fraud
Health Care Audits
Professional Liability

Ronald W. Chapman II

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