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Michigan Physician Has Healthcare Fraud Charges Dismissed

Michigan Physician and Medical Practice

Primary Issue:
Our client was acquitted by a jury of drug trafficking, RICO (corrupt enterprise), and related charges for prescribing narcotics to patients who, according to the prosecution, did not need them. After the trial, the Government charged our client with separate offenses related to billing for services not rendered. More specifically, the Government alleged that our client overbilled for office visits by billing a level 4 or 5 office visit despite only spending a few minutes with the patient. The client was also alleged to have billed for tests for which his office did not have the necessary equipment. Our talented team of health care fraud attorneys got to work on the case and scrutinized every patient visit that was alleged to be billed in error. Over the course of a year, we negotiated extensively with the Government to obtain a resolution satisfactory for our client which did not involve jail time.

After a series of successful negotiations, we were able to obtain an agreement requiring dismissal of all health care fraud counts.

Area of Law:
DEA Matters
Health Care Fraud
Health Care Audits

Ronald W. Chapman II

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