PRESS RELEASE: Prominent Michigan Doctor Found Not Guilty on Drug Charges

Trial team-Andertz ChapmanCaro, MI October 5, 2015–

Jurisdiction:  State of Michigan Tuscola County Circuit Court

Dr. Joseph E. Oesterling, M.D., a board-certified urologist, was cleared of all seven charges today in the Tuscola County Circuit Court of Michigan.  Dr. Oesterling was charged last year with Racketeering and Unlawful Delivery of Controlled Substances, as well as Maintaining a Drug House.  Dr. Oesterling was previously the Chief of Urology at the University of Michigan Hospital and trained at Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic, and was charged in connection with his operation of Caro Medical Group, a Caro based family practice.  Prosecutors alleged that Dr. Oesterling was running “pill mill” out of the practice and prescribing for non-medical purposes.  Ronald W. Chapman II, Dr. Oesterling’s attorney, represented him during the nearly month-long jury trial before the Hon. Amy Grace Gierhart.  The jury heard from many of Dr. Oesterling’s former patients, former employees, and law enforcement witnesses.  The investigation was spearheaded by the Thumb Narcotics Unit and the Drug Enforcement Administration, which included two undercover office visits by DEA agents who faked pain in order to receive prescriptions.

“We believed in Dr. Oesterling from the beginning, and we are very happy that Dr. Oesterling can now put his life back together after resolving these fictitious charges,” said Ronald W. Chapman II, Dr. Oesterling’s lead trial counsel.  “Dr. Oesterling was at all times acting in the best interest of his patients in order to treat their legitimate pain complaints.  We are very happy about what this verdict says for Dr. Oesterling’s work and for Michigan physicians as a whole.”

Michigan Law only allows physicians to be convicted for Unlawful Delivery of Controlled Substances when they prescribe for a non-medical purpose and in bad faith.  The jury unanimously determined that Dr. Oesterling, at all times, prescribed for a legitimate medical purpose and in good faith.  Dr. Oesterling looks forward to returning to practice as a urologist.  Dr. Oesterling was represented by the Chapman Law Group, a multi-state health law firm, and attorneys Ronald W. Chapman II and Robert J. Andretz.

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