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Timothy Norris v Client

Area of Law:
Civil Rights 42 U.S.C. §1983

US District Court – Western District of Michigan

Judgment in Favor of Clients

Plaintiff brought a suit claming that client was deliberately indifferent to his medical need. Plaintiff crushed his finger in a cell door and was seen by client on two occasions to receive pain medicine and change dressing. Plaintiff never complained to client about pain. In order to claim deliberate indifference you must show two elements: 1) that defendant was aware or should have been aware of a serious medical need, and 2) that defendant, being aware of that need, acted with deliberate indifference. It was shown to the jury that client was given pain medicine and did not complain of pain to client. Therefore client was not aware of a serious medical need and did not act indifferent. Jury rendered a verdict in favor of our client.

Ronald Chapman
David Mammel
Brian Richtarcik

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