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Nurse Charged With Obtaining False Prescriptions Returns to Work

Nurse (Michigan)

Primary Issue:
Terminated from employment for alleged refilling multiple prescriptions without authorization of physician or nurse practitioner and subsequently arrested for several counts of obtaining a prescription by false representation.

Benefit of Using Chapman Law Group:
Chapman Law Group (CLG) was able to negotiate plea agreement with prosecutor for 6 month delayed sentence on single charge of obtaining prescription by false representation and charge was subsequently dismissed at expiration of 6 month probation period.  CLG was also able to negotiate resolution of the subsequent state licensing complaint for 1 year probation, 3 CE courses and a $250 fine.

Client enjoys the benefit of having no history of a criminal conviction due to dismissal of charges and has been able to obtain subsequent employment in her field as a result.

Area of law:
Criminal Law
Health Professional Licensing

Aaron J. Kemp

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