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Nurse Charged With Theft Of Narcotics Obtains Pre-Trial Diversion

Registered Nurse (R.N.)

Primary Issue:
Our client, a Michigan nurse was arrested for larceny in a building and diversion of narcotics for allegedly stealing narcotics from a drug cart.

The charges were felony charges so we chose not to waive the preliminary exam. As a result of our experience in dealing extensively with narcotics documentation and evidence, we were successful in showing the court and prosecutor that the charges lacked merit. The Judge bound the case over for trial, but commented that the evidence was very weak and probably not enough to convict. Hearing this, the Oakland County prosecutor got the message that this wasn’t a case that should proceed to trial. After tough negotiations, we were able to negotiate dismissal of all charges, provided that the nurse complete a probationary period to show that he was not a drug user. We are confident that the client will satisfy the probationary period and the charges will be dismissed after the probationary period under MCL 333.7411.

Area of Law:
Criminal Defense

Ronald Chapman, II
Nathan Pitluk

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