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Helped Pharmacist Appeal Denial of Application for DEA Certificate of Registration for Pharmacy for Lack of Qualifications


Primary Issue:
Application for DEA Certificate of Registration for pharmacy denied

Benefit of Using Chapman Law Group:
Pharmacist’s DEA Certification of Registration application had previously been denied because it did not demonstrate to the DEA that the pharmacist was suitably qualified. Our attorney assembled a detailed business plan on behalf of pharmacist, including pro forma financial statements and financial analysis. We submitted a revised application for DEA Registration with a request for a show cause hearing if DEA would not certify the application. Our attorney met with the DEA field office in Tampa, FL and advocated for the pharmacist through a formal interview which satisfied all of the concerns that the DEA had about the pharmacist’s qualifications and business model. We successfully demonstrated to the DEA that pharmacist had the financial capacity to operate a pharmacy and also fully understood his corresponding responsibilities in regarding to narcotic medication dispensing and record keeping.

Within eight (8) weeks the pharmacist obtained an unrestricted DEA Certificate of Registration for Schedule II through IV medications and is now able to operate a pharmacy.

Area of Law:
DEA Registration Applications and Denials
Pharmacy License Defense

Steven Brownlee, M.D.

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