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Helped Physician Investigated for Part in Pill Mill Operation Obtain DEA Registration After The DEA Revoked His Registration


Primary Issue:
The DEA investigated the physician as part of an alleged “pill mill.” The physician was not charged with any controlled substance violations.  Law enforcement approached him for cooperation, which he provided with full candor and honesty. However, through no fault of the physician, evidence was destroyed or vanished after his cooperation. The DEA subsequently charged the physician with tampering and destruction of evidence. The DEA also revoked his DEA registration. As a result of the criminal investigation, the state medical board initiated summary proceedings against the physician’s license and indefinitely suspended his medical license pending the outcome of the criminal investigation. The suspension resulted in the loss of his DEA registration because the physician could no longer practice medicine in the state.

Benefit of using Chapman Law Group:
The physician retained the Chapman Law Group to handle the DEA registration revocation and coordinate his defense with the criminal and licensing attorneys. The firm worked tirelessly in negotiating with the DEA. After days of negotiation, we reached a settlement with the DEA and worked with the DEA to transfer his registration application to another state. After the transfer, we negotiated a memorandum of agreement which will allow the physician to obtain a DEA registration and obtain employment.

The physician will enter into a memorandum of agreement which will impose few requirements and allow him to continue prescribing and practicing medicine. The Chapman Law Group has years of negotiation experience and knows what the DEA is willing to do and obtain a settlement that fits within your practicing needs, or position your case for the strongest advantage for a hearing. If you have a DEA issue, do not entrust your representation to an attorney who claims to know the process and issues. If the DEA is threatening your livelihood, chose the Chapman Law Group to help you achieve the results you need.

Nathan Pitluk
Ronald W. Chapman, II

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