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Defended Provider Accused of Receiving Kickbacks

Physician (Florida)

Primary Issue:
Physician was accused of accepting less than $1,500 in cash payments for referring approximately 20 patients to a home health agency.  Chapman Law Group (CLG) was retained by primary care physician to assist post-indictment.  The client/physician had already spoken with investigators and gave a statement.  Additionally, there were two video surveillance audio/video tapes that showed the exchange of money

Benefit of Using Chapman Law Group:
Chapman Law Group was able to review all facts and work with the Assistant U.S. Attorney to significantly reduce the penalty.  The physician was caught up in a much wider and larger kickback scheme by the main target.  The client/physician was able to offer significant assistance to the government, including preparing the client/physician to testify against the main target.  CLG was also able to talk with community members, highlight the humanitarian work of the client/physician and truly show his remorse for accepting the kickback.

Chapman Law Group was able to enter a plea that resulted in a less than minimum sentence and based upon the humanitarian video created by counsel the Florida Board of Medicine reinstated his medical license suspension and allowed him to return to practice after his release.

Area of law:
Criminal Defense


Medical Necessity

Ronald W. Chapman, Sr.

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