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Helped Health Care Executive Stop Government Intervention into Qui Tam Action for Alleged Medicare Fraud

Health Care Executive/Marketer, (Florida)

Primary Issue:
A disgruntled former employee filed a Qui Tam action.  The government initially intervened to investigate and issued a Civil Investigative Demand (CID).  The Qui Tam action alleged the client engaged in violations of the anti-kickback statute, false claim statute, and health care fraud by paying or offering to pay kickbacks, involved in the sale of DME equipment.

Chapman Law Group was retained to assist in the defense of the CID.  It took over one year to gather all the necessary documents, including the review of prior employer/program counsel letters approving the program process.  CLG met with Assistant U. S. Attorney and was able to obtain a decision that the government would not intervene in the Qui Tam action, primarily because of the prior advice of counsel letters and how they were presented by CLG.  Having the government not intervene is a significant victory in a Qui Tam action.

The government did not intervene in the Qui tam action.

Area of law:
Qui Tam


False Claim

Health Care Fraud


Ronald W. Chapman, Sr.

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