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Germain Skinner v Client

Area of Law:
Civil Rights 42 U.S.C. §1983

Eastern District of Michigan

Case dismissed on motion

Plaintiff claims that Bay Medical Center was not the “best choice” for his medical care because Plaintiff needed to be sent to the University of Michigan Medical Center. He further asserts that Defendants cut corners in order to save money by sending him to Bay Medical Center instead of the University of Michigan Medical Center. Treatment notes indicated prison personnel had security issues in sending him to the University of Michigan. The notes did not establish that Defendants were deliberately indifferent to Plaintiff’s medical needs. In fact, they tend to imply that while there was a desire to transfer Plaintiff to the University of Michigan Medical Center, security issues prevented a transfer from taking place. The notes do not give rise to a genuine issue of material fact as to any indifference on the part of the Defendants in providing him medical attention.

Ronald Chapman

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