Results: Physician Disciplinary Cases

Doctor Falsely Accused by PRN of Relapsing Has Her Case Dismissed

Areas of Law: Health Care Licensing, Professional Licensing, Professionals Resource Network, Substance Abuse Matters, Medical License Defense, Administrative Complaints and […]

Physician Raided by DEA Avoids Prosecution and Restores DEA Registration

Professional: Family Practice Physician (MD) Primary Issue: A Michigan physician was raided by the DEA and the local police department […]

Physician Arrested For Larceny Has Charges Dismissed

Professional: Physician (M.D.) Primary Issue: A prominent Michigan Physician was arrested for larceny of a business. Obviously fearing termination, a […]

Physician Raided by DEA and Police for Drug Diversion and Drug Trafficking Returns to Practice

Professional: Internal Medicine Physician Primary Issue: DEA and State police raided the physician’s office accusing him of drug diversion and […]

Physician Charged with 7 Felony Counts of Drug Trafficking has Charges Dropped and Pleads to One Count of False Entry in Medical Record

Professional: Physician, D.O. Primary Issue: A Michigan physician was investigated by undercover officers and ultimately raided by the DEA for […]

Employer Attempted to Terminate Radiologist for Poor Clinical Performance and Report Him to BOM and NPDB

Professional: Radiologist Primary Issue: We were retained to help a radiologist whose employer had begun an internal investigation against him […]

Physician Convicted of Felony Receives No Disciplinary Action By Board of Medicine

Professional: Physician Primary Issue: Client was a Physician who  retained our attorneys to help with medical licensing issues after receiving a […]

Physician Receives Board of Medicine Complaint After Death of a Patient From Complications

Professional: Anesthesiologist Primary Issue: Accused by Board of Medicine of breaching the standard of care resulting in the death of […]

Physician Receives Board of Medicine Complaint for Employee Sexual Harassment Claim

Professional: Cardiologist Primary Issue: During a professional practice break-up, one employee, who sided with the other cardiologist, made accusation of […]

Physician Suspended After 4th DUI Conviction Returns to Work

Professional: Physician Primary Issue: The physician received her fourth driving under the influence (DUI) conviction, a felony in the State of […]