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Results: DEA Cases

Dismissal of a Compliant Physician Over-Prescribing Opiates

Professional: Medicine Primary Issue: A physician utilizing the Michigan Automated Prescription System (“MAPS”) became concerned about the scores being displayed […]

Michigan Physician Has Healthcare Fraud Charges Dismissed

Professional: Michigan Physician and Medical Practice Primary Issue: Our client was acquitted by a jury of drug trafficking, RICO (corrupt […]

Doctor Restores DEA Registration After Allegations of Failure to Report Prior Disciplinary Action and Open Disciplinary Action

Professional: Physician Primary Issue: The physician timely submitted his DEA Registration renewal form; however, the DEA failed to renew the […]

Helped Physician Investigated for Part in Pill Mill Operation Obtain DEA Registration After The DEA Revoked His Registration

Professional: Physician Primary Issue: The DEA investigated the physician as part of an alleged “pill mill.” The physician was not […]

NP Denied DEA Registration for Prior Drug Possession and Distribution Charge Obtains DEA Registration

Professional: Nurse Practitioner Primary Issue: The DEA denied a nurse practitioner (NP) a DEA registration. The nurse practitioner had just […]

Physician Raided by DEA Avoids Prosecution and Restores DEA Registration

Professional: Family Practice Physician (MD) Primary Issue: A Michigan physician was raided by the DEA and the local police department […]

Physician Raided by DEA and Police for Drug Diversion and Drug Trafficking Returns to Practice

Professional: Internal Medicine Physician Primary Issue: DEA and State police raided the physician’s office accusing him of drug diversion and […]

Physician Charged with 7 Felony Counts of Drug Trafficking has Charges Dropped and Pleads to One Count of False Entry in Medical Record

Professional: Physician, D.O. Primary Issue: A Michigan physician was investigated by undercover officers and ultimately raided by the DEA for […]

Helped Pharmacist Appeal Denial of Application for DEA Certificate of Registration for Pharmacy for Lack of Qualifications

Professional: Pharmacist Primary Issue: Application for DEA Certificate of Registration for pharmacy denied Benefit of Using Chapman Law Group: Pharmacist’s DEA Certification […]