Results: Health Law Cases

Doctor Restores DEA Registration After Allegations of Failure to Report Prior Disciplinary Action and Open Disciplinary Action

Professional: Physician Primary Issue: The physician timely submitted his DEA Registration renewal form; however, the DEA failed to renew the […]

PRESS RELEASE: Prominent Michigan Doctor Found Not Guilty on Drug Charges

Caro, MI October 5, 2015– Jurisdiction:  State of Michigan Tuscola County Circuit Court Dr. Joseph E. Oesterling, M.D., a board-certified […]

Helped Physician Investigated for Part in Pill Mill Operation Obtain DEA Registration After The DEA Revoked His Registration

Professional: Physician Primary Issue: The DEA investigated the physician as part of an alleged “pill mill.” The physician was not […]

NP Denied DEA Registration for Prior Drug Possession and Distribution Charge Obtains DEA Registration

Professional: Nurse Practitioner Primary Issue: The DEA denied a nurse practitioner (NP) a DEA registration. The nurse practitioner had just […]

Nurse Arrested For Cocaine Possesion Receives Deferred Sentence And Has No Negative Licensing Action Taken

Professional: Nurse Primary Issue: The nurse was arrested for felony possession of cocaine. The nurse faced felony charges that would […]

Ohio Nurse Receives Intervention In Lieu Of Conviction And Continues Practice Without Disciplinary Action

Professional: Registered Nurse Primary Issue: An Ohio hospital caught one of its nurses diverting controlled substances and stealing drugs for […]

Successfully Defended Physician During A Meaningful Use Audit Response

Profession: Level II Physician Sole Practitioner Primary Issue: A Michigan health care provider underwent a pre-payment audit to determine whether […]

False Claims & Medicare Fraud Cases

Several home health agencies: We currently represent several home health agencies alleged to have committed Medicare fraud for improper referrals, performing […]

Physician Raided by DEA Avoids Prosecution and Restores DEA Registration

Professional: Family Practice Physician (MD) Primary Issue: A Michigan physician was raided by the DEA and the local police department […]

Ohio Nurse Charged with Stealing Morphine Obtains Pre-Trial Diversion

Professional: Registered Nurse (R.N.) Primary Issue: An Ohio nurse was charged with stealing a large amount of morphine from an […]

Nurse Charged With Theft Of Narcotics Obtains Pre-Trial Diversion

Professional: Registered Nurse (R.N.) Primary Issue: Our client, a Michigan nurse was arrested for larceny in a building and diversion […]

Physician Arrested For Larceny Has Charges Dismissed

Professional: Physician (M.D.) Primary Issue: A prominent Michigan Physician was arrested for larceny of a business. Obviously fearing termination, a […]

Alleged “Pill Mill” Doctor Charged with Drug Trafficking, Corruption & Conspiracy – Receives No Jail Time & Returns to Practice

Professional: Doctor Primary Issue: The Ohio Attorney General’s Special Prosecution section charged an Ohio doctor with operating a pill mill. The […]

Nurse Accused Of Diverting Narcotics Has Investigation Dismissed

Professional: Registered Nurse (RN) Primary Issue: A Michigan nurse was terminated from her position at a prominent area hospital following […]

Nurse Falsely Accused of Stealing Drugs Avoids HPRP and Sanctions

Professional: Registered Nurse (RN) Primary Issue: A Michigan nurse was falsely accused of removing controlled substances without a physician order […]