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Nurse Who Tested Positive for THC Avoids IPN Referral

Professional: Registered Nurse Primary issue: RN tested positive for THC in an employer-ordered drug screening. RN was asked to submit […]

Two Physicians Charged With Conspiracy and Unlawful Prescribing and Conspiracy Are Acquitted on All Counts

United States v. Dr. Aggarwal Primary Issue: Two physicians were charged with unlawfully prescribing suboxone while working at Redirections Treatment […]

Doctor Falsely Accused by PRN of Relapsing Has Her Case Dismissed

Areas of Law: Health Care Licensing, Professional Licensing, Professionals Resource Network, Substance Abuse Matters, Medical License Defense, Administrative Complaints and […]

Obtain a Registration for an Excluded Physician

Area of Law: Administrative DEA Registration Professional: Physician Primary Issue: A physician was excluded from participation with Medicare and Medicaid […]

Plaintiff Sued Prison Medical Services Company Alleging Deliberate Indifference to Serious Medical Needs

Area of Law: Correctional Healthcare Venue: United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan Verdict: Voluntary dismissal of […]

Massage Therapist Sexual Misconduct Case Dismissed

Professional: Massage Therapist Primary Issue: An Orlando, Florida massage therapist was accused of sexual misconduct related to improper technique and […]

Inmate Sued Physicians for Failure to Treat Multiple Sclerosis: Case Dismissed

Area of Law: Medical Malpractice Venue: US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan and State of Michigan (3rd […]

Largest Crackdown of This Kind in History

Doctors, pharmacists, and other health providers are looking to Chapman Law Group for help following the crackdown of overprescribing, illegal […]

Dismissal of a Compliant Physician Over-Prescribing Opiates

Professional: Medicine Primary Issue: A physician utilizing the Michigan Automated Prescription System (“MAPS”) became concerned about the scores being displayed […]

Physician Terminated From VA Hospital Is Reinstated With Back Pay

Professional: Physician (Ohio) Primary Issue: Summary suspension of clinical privileges and removal from service (termination) from a Veterans Administration (VA) […]

Developed Compliance Plan for Practice Re Controlled Substance Prescribing

Professional: Medical Practice Primary Issue: In April 2017, Michigan integrated the Michigan Automated Prescription System (“MAPS”) with Appriss Health’s prescription […]

Helped CRNA Arrested for OWI Avoid OWI Conviction and Licensure Action

Professional: CRNA Primary Issue: Misdemeanor Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) charge Benefit of Using Chapman Law Group: Although the client was […]

Lab Accused of $2 million in Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Restores Billing Privileges

Professional: Laboratory Primary Issue: Medicaid and Medicare Billing Fraud Benefit of Using Chapman Law Group: Our Medicare fraud attorneys obtained […]

Michigan Home Healthcare Owner Avoids Federal Healthcare Fraud Indictment

Professional: Home healthcare owner Primary Issue: Our client owned a home health care agency that operated in Southeastern Michigan. He […]

Michigan Physician Has Healthcare Fraud Charges Dismissed

Professional: Michigan Physician and Medical Practice Primary Issue: Our client was acquitted by a jury of drug trafficking, RICO (corrupt […]