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Results: Medicare Fraud Cases

Largest Crackdown of This Kind in History

Doctors, pharmacists, and other health providers are looking to Chapman Law Group for help following the crackdown of overprescribing, illegal […]

Lab Accused of $2 million in Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Restores Billing Privileges

Professional: Laboratory Primary Issue: Medicaid and Medicare Billing Fraud Benefit of Using Chapman Law Group: Our Medicare fraud attorneys obtained […]

Michigan Physician Receives No Jail Time for Healthcare Fraud Charges

Professional: Physician and Urgent Care Clinic Primary Issue: Our client owned a busy urgent care in Southeast Michigan. The Michigan […]

CMS Audit

Professional: Pain-Management Physician Practice. Primary Issue: Prepayment suspension of payments by third-party Medicare Authorized Contractor alleging a Gross and Flagrant […]

Helped Health Care Executive Stop Government Intervention into Qui Tam Action for Alleged Medicare Fraud

Professional: Health Care Executive/Marketer, (Florida) Primary Issue: A disgruntled former employee filed a Qui Tam action.  The government initially intervened […]

Defended Provider Accused of Receiving Kickbacks

Professional: Physician (Florida) Primary Issue: Physician was accused of accepting less than $1,500 in cash payments for referring approximately 20 […]

Successfully Defended Physician During A Meaningful Use Audit Response

Profession: Level II Physician Sole Practitioner Primary Issue: A Michigan health care provider underwent a pre-payment audit to determine whether […]

False Claims & Medicare Fraud Cases

Several home health agencies: We currently represent several home health agencies alleged to have committed Medicare fraud for improper referrals, performing […]