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Results: Failed Drug Test Cases

Suspension Overturned for RN Accused of Drug Diversion, Refused Employment Drug Test, and Declined HPRP Agreement

Professional: Registered Nurse Primary Issue: A Michigan nurse’s license was summarily suspended as a result of refusing an employment drug […]

RN Reported by Employer for Drug Diversion Has Board of Nursing Case Dismissed

Professional: Registered Nurse Primary Issue: Registered nurse was terminated by his employer for suspected drug use and drug diversion following […]

RN Taking Medications Prescribed By Her Doctor Was Accused Of Drug Diversion – Case Dismissed

Professional: RN Primary Issue: RN who was on prescription medications was terminated and reported for drug diversion. Benefit of Using […]

RN With Positive Pre-employment Drug Test for THC Reported to Board of Nursing

Professional: Registered Nurse Primary Issue: RN tested positive for THC in a pre-employment drug screen and was reported to the […]