Massage Therapist Legal Defense

Results: Sexual Harassment Cases

Massage Therapist Sexual Misconduct Case Dismissed

Professional: Massage Therapist Primary Issue: An Orlando, Florida massage therapist was accused of sexual misconduct related to improper technique and […]

Nursing License Suspension After Felony Conviction – Suspension Dissolved and License Reinstated

Professional: Registered Nurse (RN) Primary Issue: A Michigan nurse’s license was suspended due to a felony conviction involving sexually explicit […]

Physical Therapist Investigated for Sexual Harassment Against a Patient

Professional: Physical Therapist Primary Issue: Client was a Michigan physical therapist who was accused of sexual harassment against a patient. The […]

Physician Receives Board of Medicine Complaint for Employee Sexual Harassment Claim

Professional: Cardiologist Primary Issue: During a professional practice break-up, one employee, who sided with the other cardiologist, made accusation of […]