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Administrative Complaints

Termination for Failure To Meet Hospital Policies and Procedures May Lead to an Administrative Complaint

By Robert A. Welch, Jr. The Board of Nursing does not require any per se violations of the public health […]

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If I receive an Administrative Complaint, what should I do?

An administrative complaint is the beginning of the formal process. Unless an emergency suspension has been entered you are still […]

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Can I Continue to Work During Administrative Action?

Health professionals often experience a great deal of confusion about whether they are subject to restrictions on their ability to […]

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What Physicians Should Know About Administrative Proceedings Insurance Coverage

If you practice medicine without sufficient professional liability insurance (PLI), you are exposing your medical license to serious risks. Medicine […]

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Changes to The Michigan Public Health Code

If you are a doctor, nurse, physician’s assistant, certified nurse assistant, physical therapist, chiropractor, therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or if you […]

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