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3 Quick Things Every Health Professional Should Know About Drunk Driving in Michigan

by Robert Andretz 1. A Conviction for OWI/OWVI Is a Misdemeanor That Must Be Reported to LARA As a licensed […]

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What Every Health Professional Should Know About Driving Under the Influence of Drugs in Michigan

Nearly all providers prescribe substances that have an impact on their patients’ ability to drive. In addition, many health professionals […]

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How to Help Protect Your Medical or Nursing License Following a DUI

You’ve likely heard horror stories about fellow health professionals losing their license because of a DUI, or being forced into […]

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Does a DUI Affect Your Nursing License or Medical License?

A DUI does not need to be a career ending event for licensed health professionals. However, a DUI conviction is […]

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Should I Self-Report a DUI to the Board?

You must report a DUI or DWI to the licensing board, however, you should consult an attorney to help you […]

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