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Ron Chapman Speaks to NBC 2 About Florida Nurses Being Unfairly Forced in IPN

Last night, NBC 2 Fort Myers investigators spoke to attorney Ron Chapman about Florida nurses being forced into IPN, whether […]

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What To Do If You Are Accused of Drug Diversion or Stealing Drugs

Most often employers report nurses and other health care professionals for alleged drug diversion and/or failure to properly document medication […]

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Will IPN protect my license?

Yes, IPN can help protect your license, but there are also other options that can help protect your license. The […]

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Early Termination or Adjustment to IPN Contracts

Florida’s Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN) was established by legislation enacted in 1983. However, IPN is not a State of […]

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When Office Politics Result in a Referral to IPN or PRN

Health care practitioners need to be aware that there is an increasing risk that their employers might refer them to […]

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