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Medical Malpractice Defense

Just Culture and the Tragedy of the Twin Casualties of Medical Error

NBC News recently highlighted the suicide of a longtime critical care nurse at Seattle Children’s Hospital. She committed suicide seven […]

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Legal Risks in Urgent Care Medicine

Due to recent trends in health care, urgent care centers (UCCs) and their physicians are increasingly being sued for medical […]

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New Michigan Mammogram Patient Notification Requirement

By Carly Van Thomme, Esq. As of June 1, 2015, pursuant to MCL 333.13524, a “person who provides mammography services” […]

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The Difference Between a Medical Malpractice Claim and a Deliberate Indifference(42 § USC 1983 Civil Rights) Claim

Healthcare professionals in the private correctional healthcare business are often faced with law suits involving multiple claims. In most cases […]

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Depositions: Uses and The Need For Preparation

Depositions are used by both sides in the litigation process to gather information about a pending case. A deposition is […]

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New Medical Malpractice Legislation to Strengthen Tort Reform

Posted by Ron Chapman Governor Rick Snyder signed Senate Bills 1115 and 1118 into law on January 9th. The Sentate […]

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