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Should I Self-Report a DUI to the Board?

DUI with Nursing, physician, or Professional License

You must report a DUI or DWI to the licensing board, however, you should consult an attorney to help you prepare your report to the board in order to help avoid or reduce the fines and sanctions that can result from a DUI and DWI.

The Department of Health and professional boards take DUI and DWI offenses very serious. For most of the public a DUI or DWI is embarrassing. For nurses, physicians, and other licensed health professionals it can be a career-ending mistake, if not properly and timely handled. The Board considers nurses, physicians and other licensed health professionals with DUI and DWI’s offenses a risk to the public. Therefore, the fines and sanctions are significant. We cannot stress enough that you must carefully present your case to the board. Reporting a DUI or DWI to the board should not be merely stating the conviction. You should prepare it in such a way as to show that you do not have a drug or alcohol problem and do not pose a risk to the public.

There are reporting options that can help demonstrate that you do not have a problem and are not a risk to the public. The biggest option is whether or not you should enter a recovery program, such as HPRP, IPN, PRN and OPHP, to help limit licensing action. All too often, health professionals contact the impairment programs believing that these programs will help protect their professional license from discipline. While these programs may help, they are very invasive, expensive and may still end in formal disciplinary action. A professional licensing attorney will discuss your options with you and help you prepare your report for the board that puts you in the most favorable light. 

While the cost of an attorney is often a concern for many, the fines, sanctions, cost of recovery programs and potential risk of losing your license is often far greater than the cost of an attorney.

Please consult a professional licensing attorney before pleading your DUI or DWI case. The way your DUI and DWI case is handled and plead makes a significant difference on the sanctions that the board can place on your license.

It should also be noted that failure to report and misleading reports have significant penalties, in addition to sanctions for DUI’s and DWI’s. These include probation, suspension, and revocation of license.

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