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Should I enter the Health Professionals Recovery Program (HPRP)?

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HPRP is not right for everyone and you should consult an attorney that specializes in dealing with professional licensing to determine if an HPRP monitoring agreement is right for you. The untold truth is that a multi-year monitoring agreement with HPRP could still result in action taken against your license. It can also be very expensive and difficult to maintain the often intrusive requirements that HPRP will place on you.

Chart of the HPRP Process 

Chart of Michigan's Administrative Complaint Process for Health Professionals

For some, HPRP is mandatory. For others, it is voluntary and often suggested by an employer or licensing board as a way to avoid licensing action. However, this is not your only option. There are private treatment options. Also, attorneys are often able to negotiate alternatives to HPRP or negotiate a less intrusive HPRP monitoring agreement with the licensing board. The key is to consult an attorney as soon as possible, ideally before reporting the violation, to prepare your defense and negotiate options before licensing action commences and HPRP is made mandatory.

We use three factors when helping clients decide if HPRP is a good option for avoiding licensing action. They are…

1) do you have an alcohol or drug addiction,
2) is this your first offense,
3) are you able to prove to the relevant board:

a) that this was an isolated situation,
b) that you are safe to practice,
c) that you would not benefit from a period of monitoring, and
d) that you do not need active supervision.

Please consult an attorney before entering HPRP. All too often we are called after a HPRP agreement has been signed and the licensee can no longer maintain the requirements. It becomes more difficult and expensive to attempt to reduce HPRP requirements once an agreement has been signed. Failure of the licensee to comply with the HPRP requirements can result in suspension and revocation of their license.