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Jeremy Belanger was published in HCCA Compliance Today April Issue

Jeremy Belanger of Chapman Law Group published an article in the April issue of HCCA Compliance Today. Jeremy is an attorney with extensive experience in regulatory compliance and represents nurses, physicians, pharmacists, dentists, nurse practitioners, and more. Jeremy is certified in health care compliance and is a member of the Health Care Compliance Association.

HCCA Compliance Today: Cybersecurity

April’s issue of Compliance Today provides the latest insights on health care compliance and offers practical information for healthcare compliance professionals. Jeremy’s article, “Ten Best Practices for Healthcare Cybersecurity”, explains recent cyber-attacks that have negatively impacted hospitals due to inaccessible patient records, documents, schedules, and stolen patient data including names, addresses, social security numbers, and medical records.

The article discusses the five largest cybersecurity threats which include: ransomware attacks, e-mail phishing attacks, accidental or intentional data loss, theft of equipment or data, and attacks against connected medical devices that may affect patient safety. For more information and the full article Click Here.

We Can Help

Although changes in technology have allowed for improved patient care, often at reduced costs to health care entities, greater risks are occurring in the health care industry due to cyber-attacks. Being compliant and having proper security measures in place will allow health care entities to better protect patient data and assist an entity in preventing a breach of data. We can help reduce or eliminate the penalty assessed against that entity should a breach occur.

Chapman Law Group is dedicated to serving the legal needs of health care professionals across the country. Our certified compliance attorneys are available to help you and your organization design and implement a compliance strategy. We have served clients for over 25 years – from offices in Florida, Michigan, and Ohio.