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Jeremy Belanger Becomes Certified in Healthcare Compliance

Healthcare Compliance Attorney Jeremy Belanger

Chapman Law Group is pleased to announce that Jeremy Belanger recently earned his certificate in healthcare compliance.

To become certified in healthcare compliance (“CHC”), Jeremy had to go through a lengthy and rigorous process and review multiple guidelines, regulations, and statutes. Obtaining a CHC demonstrates that Jeremy’s has expertise in helping practices to mitigate compliance-related risks. In order to obtain certification, Jeremy needed to earn a minimum of 20 credits related to healthcare compliance and perform more than 1,500 hours in direct compliance practice.

Jeremy earned credits in topics related to the corporate practice of medicine, coding compliance, corrective action planning, HIPAA and cybersecurity issues, False Claims and Qui Tams cases, health care fraud, telemedicine, government enforcement actions for prescription drugs/opioids, the OIG Work Plan, credentialing, and Medicare appeals, among others.

Jeremy’s training and experience allowed him to earn his CHC and allows him to represent and advise a wide range of practices in mitigating risk and developing compliance plans.