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Dearborn Physician’s License Suspend for Medicare Fraud was a Total Identity Mix-up

Posted by Ron Chapman

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) issued a Summary Suspension of a Dearborn physician for Medicare Fraud, without a hearing and in violation of her due process rights. LARA failed to verify that her medical license did not belong to the same person recently convicted of Medicare fraud. The physician and the person convicted of Medicare fraud share the same name, however; LARA failed to follow proper procedure which includes verifying date of birth and social security numbers before imposing a licensing action.

Eleven days after the physician’s license was suspended, an Administrative Law Judge issued an order dissolving the Summary Suspension and reinstating the physician’s license. LARA has since apologized for the error and has withdrawn the Administrative Complaint. Actions like this are unacceptable and cause great harm to all law abiding physicians.

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