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Obtaning Nonmedical Immunization Waivers in Michigan

By Carly Van Thomme, Esq.

As of January 1, 2015, there are new requirements for nonmedical immunization waivers that apply to both public and private schools. Parents of children entering into a licensed child care program, preschool, Head Start, kindergarten, and 7th grade—as well as parents of children enrolling in a school district for the first time—either must provide an up-to-date record of immunizations or else sign a waiver. For children who have a medical reason for not receiving immunizations, parents must obtain a State of Michigan Medical Contraindication form from their pediatricians. Schools can exclude children who have neither an up-to-date vaccination record nor a valid waiver on file.

Parents still have the right to waive immunizations for nonmedical reasons. However,  waiver forms no longer are available at schools. Now parents who wish to sign immunization waivers for nonmedical reasons, must contact their county health department office for an appointment. During the appointment, the parents discuss the vaccines with a health department educator. Following the discussion, if the parents still wish to sign a waiver, the parents receive an official State of Michigan Nonmedical Waiver form. Per State law, this is the only form that schools may accept, and schools cannot accept the form if it has been altered in any way. Additional information is available at

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