Helping health professionals for over 25 years.

Why Choose Chapman

1.) You Don’t Need a Mega Firm if Your Smaller One is Sharper!

Mega firms simply don’t offer the flexibility and focus that we do. Our size and dedication to specific areas of law allow us to achieve greater success at a fraction of the cost. With capabilities and depth beyond our size, we provide the expertise and benefits of a large firm with the personal and caring touch of a family business.

2.) We Are Focused in Our Practice Areas!

For the past 20 years, Chapman Law Group has focused on a handful of practice areas in order to create a team that can handle the complexities of specific areas of law with ease and success. Our dedication allows us to achieve greater knowledge, experience and understanding in specific areas which in turn creates success. Litigation is our business and we take the time to ensure success before, during and after trial.

3.) Mega Firm Experience Without the Price Tag!

We assign one or two trained litigators to your file and work together to ensure success with a reasonable price tag. We do not overwork and over-bill your case. Large firms often assign a senior partner and others who do little actual work and yet bill the “big bucks”. We don’t over charge for unnecessary services such as motions, investigations, travel, etc. and we won’t over bill you for the services we do provide. When the situation presents itself, we will modify our fee arrangements to fit your needs and ensure fair and reasonable compensation for the results achieved. Working in a collegial environment we share our resources and work experience in an effort to reduce the financial burden on our clients.

4.) Seasoned Lawyers Work Every Case!

Unlike many of the larger firms, all of the cases at Chapman Law Group are managed by partners and senior associate attorneys. We built a strong collegiate environment where all of the firm’s attorneys are seasoned in many of the practice areas. Highly experienced attorneys do a majority of the work, while support staff is utilized whenever possible to reduce costs. Our exceptionally talented lawyers and staff work together developing a collegial environment, working as a team to develop successful case strategies. The result is a virtually unbeatable team.

5.) Our Size Works Best!

We are big enough to offer clients various services yet small enough to remain focused and dedicated to success in specific areas. We don’t operate with a one-shop-fits-all mentality. We focus on litigation and health law. Therefore, our size and experience provide the perfect blend for what we do and we strive to be the best at it. If you need a seasoned attorney in the area of health law, then Chapman Law Group is your firm.