Contract Disputes

Contracts govern the relationships between parties in many situations and in many sectors—business, employment, real estate, government, and health care, just to name a few. A well-drafted contractual agreement is key in order to avoid unnecessary litigation and to ensure both parties to a contract have an accurate understanding of what their duties are.

The best approach is for both parties to have experienced counsel involved before the signing of any contract. Typically, one party’s attorney will be responsible for drafting the proposed contract. The other party’s attorney will then analyze the proposed contract from his or her client’s perspective and will suggest changes to the contract which will make it more favorable for that party. Once the terms and definitions are satisfactory to both parties, they can enter into what hopefully will be a mutually beneficial contractual relationship. Ways that experienced counsel can assist you at this stage of the contractual process include: (1) specifying how and where contractual disputes will be addressed; (2) ensuring that all contractual terms are legal and enforceable; and (3) ensuring that all language used is clear and unambiguous.

Sometimes contractual disputes arise despite the parties’ best efforts. In those situations, it is critical to retain experienced attorneys. When faced with litigation or arbitration, your attorney will explain to you what the claims are, how strong your position is, and the different strategies for approaching the problem. Your attorneys will present you with various options which will allow you to make decisions based upon your individualized situation and needs.

In limited situations, parties have a dispute regarding an enforceable unwritten contract. These parties with an oral agreement or implied contract need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who can assess the enforceability of their unwritten agreement and who can provide them with valuable strategic options for addressing this complex situation, in which an advanced and skilled legal analysis can make a substantial difference in the party’s outcome.

The attorneys at Chapman Law Group have years of experience in reviewing and interpreting a wide variety of types of contracts. We are familiar with the applicable legal standards for interpreting contractual provisions under state law. In hiring Chapman Law Group to draft or analyze your contractual agreement, you can be sure your attorney will perform a timely and thorough review that considers all of the latest legal developments. You also can be certain your attorney will answer all of your questions and ensure the best possible outcome for your specific situation.

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