Financial Fraud

Financial Fraud Attorneys in Florida and Michigan

Are you a victim of financial fraud or unethical financial practices? Unfortunately, in today’s down economy, investment and financial fraud has become increasingly prevalent. Victims of fraud and related investment irregularities are often trusting, generous and loyal people who are unaware of their financial advisors’ unethical actions until they’ve lost everything.

Our financial fraud attorneys at Chapman Law Group are dedicated to representing individual investors who are victims of fraud and unethical practices of their financial advisors. The many faces of fraud include: conversion, theft, misrepresentation, Ponzi schemes, selling unsuitable products, failure to supervise, to name a few.

Our Experience

Unwinding the fraudulent practices of an investment advisor is time consuming and technically difficult. Our shareholder, Ron Chapman, has over 25 years of litigation experience, a Master’s Degree in administration with an emphasis in finance and was previously a certified internal auditor. Our team of financial fraud attorneys in Florida and Michigan have various backgrounds in finance and law and work together to create a powerful team.

Please visit our financial fraud case page to read about our cases, including the $36 million publicized case involving financial planner Keith Epstein.

How Can We Help?

If you or someone you know suspects financial fraud, contact Chapman Law Group immediately and set up a free 30 minute consultation with one of our financial fraud attorneys in Florida or Michigan. We will review the facts and when appropriate, aggressively prosecute your claim. We can help you regain control of your investments, seek justice and help recover funds. Don’t delay: take action and regain your financial independence!
Chapman Law Group accepts most cases on a contingent or modified contingent fee basis.

Types of Financial Fraud/Unethical Financial Practices
Unauthorized Transactions
Ponzi Schemes
Suitability Of Investment
Sale Of Unregistered Securities
Broker Misconduct
Breach Of Fiduciary Duty
Failure To Supervise

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