Medicaid Fraud Defense

As with Medicare fraud, local governments have dedicated a considerable amount of resources to the investigation and prosecution of Medicaid fraud in recent years. Many States even award patients and staff who file Medicaid fraud Whistleblower lawsuits up to 30% of the recovered money. Unfortunately, this has caused many providers to be subject to investigations relating to smaller billing errors or discrepancies.

If you are aware of an investigation or are accused of Medicaid fraud, contact our Medicaid fraud defense attorneys as soon as possible. Unlike other health law matters, Medicaid fraud cases often progress very quickly and have devastating consequences, if not handled properly and timely. Do not represent yourself or be lulled into a false sense of security. Allegations or even suspicion of fraud is a very serious matter.

If you are subject to a Medicaid audit or investigation, we can work with you to prepare for the audit/investigation and work with the authorities during the investigation to protect your interests and ensure your best foot is put forward. Depending on the facts of the case, we may be able to prevent criminal charges from being filed and avoid licensing action.

If charges of Medicaid fraud have been filed against you, we will work with you to prepare your defense and protect your interests. Depending on the facts of the case, we may aim to have the case dismissed, or if the evidence is against you, work to achieve a favorable settlement and limit the impact on your career.

Unlike many Medicaid fraud attorneys, our Medicaid fraud defense attorneys offer a multidisciplinary approach. Our team of professionals are equipped to work with you on the criminal aspect of the case, as well as civil and the professional licensing aspect, saving you time and expense. All Medicare and Medicaid fraud audits have the potential to evolve into criminal indictments, as well as civil recovery complaints and state professional licensing complaints. All of these potential situations have the capability of causing you long term harm, including jail time, large fines, professional license suspension and even revocation.

Chapman Law Group is dedicated to all aspects of health law: criminal, civil and professional licensing. For over 25 years we have dedicated our practice to the representation of health professionals. We are keenly aware of the negative impact a criminal indictment will have on your career, including your license, your standing with your employer, your reputation with your peers, your continued inclusion in the Medicaid and Medicare programs, etc. We not only work to defend you against Medicaid fraud charges, but also work to limit the impact that such charges will have on the many facets that effect your career.

Please do not hesitate to call Chapman Law Group at the first opportunity to ensure your rights are protected. You worked hard to build your career, let Chapman law Group work hard to protect it for you. Together we can build a defense to lessen the impact of Medicaid/Medicare fraud charges.

Types of Medicaid Fraud Issues

  • Attorney General or Office of Inspector General Investigation
  • False Invoicing
  • Billing for services not provided
  • Billing for equipment not provided
  • Overutilization of certain medical procedures or services
  • Billing unbundled services

Possible Medicaid Fraud Sanctions

  • Criminal charges
  • Expulsion from Medicare / Medicaid Program
  • Licensing Action
  • Loss of Staff Privileges
  • Inability to collect outstanding invoices

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