Manufacturers’ Representative Law

Manufacturers’ Representative Attorneys in Michigan and Florida

You are undoubtedly familiar with the dramatic change in the economy. As a result, many are seeing their businesses shrink and are faced with increasing challenges of collecting earned sales commissions. With over 25 years of combined experience and success, our firm is uniquely qualified to assist you with your business/commercial litigation, employment law issues and other legal needs.

Since 1989, Chapman Law Group has vigorously and aggressively defended businesses and sales/manufacturer representatives. We are dedicated to representing the interest of our clients in a range of legal matters, including contract negotiation, post-termination dispute resolution, life of part/procuring cause issues, breach of contract, non-compete agreements, misrepresentation and attorney disputes, to name a few.

In today’s competitive and challenging environment, it is essential for you to have access to knowledgeable and tested legal counsel. Our extensive understanding and experience in business, commercial, employment law and civil litigation allow us to achieve desirable outcomes for our clients.

Types of Manufacturers’ Representative Legal Issues

Breach Of Contract
Business Breakup
Business Formation
Contract Negotiations
Life Of Part/Procuring Cause Issues
Non-Compete Agreements
Post-Termination Disputes
Sales Agreements And Disputes

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