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Pharmacies and pharmacists are heavily regulated and subject to a vast body of state and federal laws and regulations. In recent years, there were major additions and changes to these laws, as the Federal government and state governments try to address the prescription drug epidemic.  Enforcement actions increased, likely due to the increased monitoring of controlled substances, greater funding for enforcement agencies to combat the epidemic, and pharmacies and pharmacists struggling to keep up with new laws and regulations.

Chapman Law Group is dedicated to the defense of health professionals, including pharmacists and pharmacies. Our pharmacy attorneys are experienced with the regulatory and enforcement issues that impact professionals working in the pharmacy industry. We represent pharmacists daily with matters from licensure, disciplinary action, impairment matters, drug diversion allegations, employment matters, false claims, anti-kickbacks, etc. Our pharmacy attorneys also represent pharmacies with ownership issues such as buying and selling pharmacies, employment matters, licensure, permits, DEA and FDA registration, audits, inspections, enforcement action, etc. In addition, we represent manufacturers and distributors with matters ranging from DEA and FDA registration, state permitting and certification, to defense of administrative and criminal enforcement action.

Chapman Law Group appreciates the hard work it takes to become a pharmacist and build a business in the pharmaceutical industry. Our pharmacy attorneys are dedicated to the defense of professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry and work aggressively to help these professionals maintain their license, career, assets and freedom.

Pharmacy Law Matters We Handle:


Clients We Represent:

  • Pharmacists (pharmacists in charge, consulting pharmacists, prescription drug department managers, community pharmacists, clinical pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, nuclear pharmacists, interns and technicians)
  • Pharmacies (community, retail, special, sterile-compounding, outsourcing facilities, institutional, hospital, central fill, nuclear, etc.)
  • Pharmacy Owners
  • Pharmacy Technicians
  • Drug Manufactures
  • Device Manufactures
  • Drug Distributors

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