Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

Whether you are a prospective home buyer, a property owner, a residential builder or commercial developer, Chapman Law Group can assist you with a wide range of legal transactions – such as residential and commercial real estate closings, title transfers, real estate purchase and sale contracts – or litigation arising out of property rights.

What is the difference between a land contract and a deed?

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, there are important benefits and obligations under both land contracts and outright sales. By selling under a land contract, a seller holds title to the real estate until the buyer completes scheduled payments to the seller as well as certain obligations, which often include paying taxes and insurance and maintaining the real estate. Chapman Law Group can help you to make sure the right land contract terms are in place regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller.
When you sell the real estate outright to your buyer, you provide a deed in exchange for the full purchase price. The deed may be either a warranty deed or a quitclaim deed. In a quitclaim deed, the seller conveys only the interests the seller has, but the seller does not warrant that title is superior to all other claims and rights like a seller does with a warranty deed. Chapman Law Group will assist you in ensuring that you have the right kind of deed for the real estate you buy or sell.

How do I handle all the closing documents?

When you close a purchase on a home, you will be presented with a large number of documents prepared by a title company. The documents may seem overwhelming, but Chapman Law Group will obtain and review your documents in advance of the closing to help you overcome the confusion caused by the sheer mass of the documents. We will closely review your documents with you to make sure that your rights and interests are preserved to complete your closing and allow you to move into your new home.
What if problems arise after I have closed on my real estate deal?

Whether you are a buyer or seller, Chapman Law Group will fight for your interests to resolve any issues before incurring the costs of litigation. We will review your documents and provide relevant legal arguments to support your claims or defenses in pre-litigation negotiations with your opponent. If your matter proceeds to litigation, we will aggressively represent you in a cost efficient manner by obtaining the facts through depositions and other discovery geared to prevail on a motion or at trial.

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