Utilization Review Defense

We represent healthcare providers and insurance companies against claims involving utilization review departments and their denial of treatment, determination of appropriateness of treatment and medically necessary treatment. We also represent health care providers against Medicare and Medicaid investigations and actions into the appropriateness of treatment.

For over twenty years we have defended private correctional health care Utilization Review Departments against countless claims regarding medically necessary treatment determinations and the denial of treatment. Within the larger jails and prison systems utilization review, using “best practices” is regularly called on to make difficult decisions regarding treatment options. UM staff, medical and non-medical, use the latest technology to assist in determining the appropriateness of a variety of healthcare options. When those decisions are challenged, we at Chapman Law Group stand ready to assist in the defense of UM personnel. Often the emotions are high and the potential damages are significant. Our ability to review the medical records, isolate the treble issues, and prepare a solid defense using expert testimony and technology sets us apart. Let Chapman Law Group assist you and your UM team the next time your decisions are challenged.

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