Chapman Law Group represents veterinarians with licensure, disciplinary, criminal, DEA, practice ownership, and employment matters. We represent veterinarians throughout Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Idaho, and Colorado with:

  • Disciplinary actions: suspensions, revocations, restrictions, administrative complaints, board and ALJ hearings, investigations, appeals, etc.
  • Licensure issues: denials, renewals issues, difficulty obtaining a license, reporting convictions, etc.
  • DEA matters: application and renewal issues, DEA inspections, enforcement actions (administrative and criminal), show cause orders, etc.
  • Practice Management: practice formation and acquisition, partnership agreements, leases, permitting, regulatory compliance, business and contract disputes, employment matters, etc.

Licensure and Disciplinary Matters

Unfortunately, many veterinarians attempt to resolve disciplinary actions on their own. This often results in sanctions and costs, ranging from $2,500 to $5,000, and a blemish on their license. In some cases, it results in revocation of their license. Often, our attorneys can resolve disciplinary issues for similar cost and without negative action taken against the license.

Grounds for disciplinary action against veterinarians include:

  • Criminal convictions related to animal welfare or ability to practice veterinary medicine, including drug convictions
  • Discipline taken against another license
  • Impairment (substance abuse and mental illness)
  • Incompetence or negligence
  • Performing or prescribing unnecessary or unauthorized treatment
  • Unprofessional conduct
  • Anesthesia violations
  • Unlicensed practice
  • Prescribing violations
  • Kickbacks
  • Fraud
  • Recordkeeping violations
  • Probation violations

We also assist veterinarians who have difficulty obtaining or renewing their veterinarian license or DEA registration. Veterinarians invest a significant amount of time, money, and hard work into their careers and depend on their license in order to practice. Therefore, we fight to help veterinarians protect their license and ability to practice.

DEA Inspections

The DEA typically does not conduct routine inspections of veterinarian clinics. DEA inspections are usually in response to a complaint or believe that there is a violation. Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable and experienced in DEA regulations. We represent veterinarians across the country with DEA inspections and enforcement actions.

Practice Management

Owning a practice takes hard work and a significant investment.  Our transactional attorneys work with veterinarians to help them protect their investment from legal action. We assist practice owners with business formation, sales and partnership agreements, practice permits, policy and procedure manuals, compliance plans, business disputes, and other business and employment issues that may arise.