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Our attorneys are exceptionally experienced and successful and are honored to represent our clients with the highest quality of legal standards and ethics.

Our dedicated and exceptionally talented lawyers work together developing a collegial environment, working as a team to develop successful defense and trial strategies. The unique power of multiple counsel working harmoniously to achieve success operates as a virtually unbeatable team. We are licensed to practice in the states of Michigan, Florida, Idaho, Texas, Ohio, and Indiana, as well as the Fifth, Sixth and Eleventh US Federal Circuit Courts.


Ronald W. Chapman | Attorney & Owner | Chapman Law Group

Ronald W. Chapman 


Carly Van Thomme | Senior Attorney | Chapman Law Group

Carly Van Thomme


Ron Chapman, II | Attorney | Chapman Law Group

Ronald W. Chapman, II


David B. Mammel | Estate Planning Attorney | Chapman Law Group

David B. Mammel


Aaron J. Kemp | Health Law Attorney | Chapman Law Group

Aaron J. Kemp


Laura A. Perkovic | Boise Criminal Defense and Health Care Attorney

Laura A. Perkovic


Joseph Sapp | Health Care Attorney | Chapman Law Group

Joseph G. Sapp, LL.M.


Juan Santos | Miami Health Care Attorney | Chapman Law Group

Juan C. Santos, LL.M.


Attorney Robert Andretz

Robert J. Andretz


Kevin McQuillan | Health Law Attorney | Chapman Law Group

Kevin A. McQuillan


Jeremy Belanger

Jeremy Belanger