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Lauren Leikam Was Interviewed by USA TODAY

Plastic Surgery: Lauren LeikamRecently, Chapman Law Group’s very own Lauren Leikam was interviewed by USA TODAY following a series of deaths caused by a plastic surgery center located in Miami. The common surgery behind the deaths is the Brazilian butt lift, where fat is inserted into the patient’s buttocks to fill in or enlarge the area. The practice under investigation accounts for 1 in 5 deaths in the whole state, patients are from all over the United States due to heavy advertising and discounted rates.

Lauren Leikam who currently works at Chapman Law Group as a defense attorney and is a former Florida Department of Health prosecutor. Ms. Leikam worked closely with reporters of USA TODAY for several months during the course of the investigation and reviewed numerous inspection reports for multiple facilities where patients died as the result of surgery.  Ms. Leikam and other legal experts agreed that the Surgeon General has the authority to suspend or restrict office surgery registrations that pose a danger to the public health, safety, and welfare. Ms. Leikam stated that “The Florida surgeon general has taken such actions against other businesses. Waving their hands in the air saying they don’t have the authority or disciplinary guidelines when this many patients are dying is bull.”

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